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Areas of Practice

Mediation & Arbitration
Employment Law
Civil Litigation
FINRA (formerly NASD)
Personal Injury

Criminal Law
Disability Insurance Claims
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Sammartino & Berg LLP, a full service law firm in Providence, RI.  We have developed a reputation for the following areas of practice:  employment law, civil litigation, NASD, FINRA, personal injury, criminal law, appeals.

Areas of Practice

Sammartino & Berg LLP is a full service law firm, and can address all of your legal needs, however, we have developed a reputation for the following areas of practice: 

Employment Law Civil Litigation FINRA (formerly NASD)
Personal Injury
Criminal Law Appeals
Disability Insurance Claims and Denials

Employment Law

  • Employee Complaint Investigation and Mediation - Many times, employee complaints of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment can be quickly resolved with the right kind of early intervention. We have decades of experience in this area. If faced with a workplace issue, we can provide an independent investigation, and often, provide mediation services to quickly and fairly bring peace back to the office.
  • Executive Agreements and Compensation - If you are changing employers, or being promoted, we can assist you in the negotiation of executive employment agreements. Frequently, a well negotiated and comprehensive employment agreement can prevent issues down the road if things do not work out.
  • Mediation and Arbitration Services - see separate page
  • Severance Agreement Review - Before signing away important rights in a severance agreement, it pays to have an experienced attorney review the package to protect your interests, and ensure a fair severance.
  • Denial Of Job Benefits - This includes denial of pension benefits, as well as claims under ERISA.
  • Human Resources Management - We can assist you with all of your company’s human resource issues, including drafting policies, formulating an employee handbook, crisis management, defending claims, and conducting seminars for your employees.
  • Unemployment Benefit Denial Hearings.

Personal Injury

We are experienced in all areas of personal injury litigation, including:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Injury Caused By Defective Products
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death

Sammartino & Berg LLP has handled numerous personal injury cases, from the “fender bender” to multi-million dollar cases. See our “Notable Cases & Settlement” page for a few examples.


Civil Litigation

All areas of law, including business and contract disputes.

FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
(formerly NASD)

FINRA is responsible for resolution of any disputes involving the financial industry, including customer complaints against securities brokers, and broker disputes with their current or former banking employers. Sammartino & Berg LLP is one of very few firms with experience in providing representation for all areas of FINRA proceedings, including investigations and arbitrations. To learn more about FINRA, go to www.FINRA.org.

Criminal Law

State and Federal Courts

Partner Andrew Berg started his career as a prosecutor in Rhode Island’s Department of the Attorney General. Since leaving the Department in 1998, Andrew has maintained a successful criminal defense practice, having appeared before every Rhode Island criminal court, state and federal, on numerous occasions. Andrew can guide you through the criminal justice system, whether it entails negotiating the best possible plea agreement, or providing a vigorous and thorough trial defense. Andrew can assist you in every area of criminal law, including the following:

  • Trials

  • Bail Hearings

  • Probation Violations

  • Narcotic Offenses

  • DUI and Breathalyzer Refusals

  • White Collar Offenses


The attorneys of Sammartino & Berg LLP have appeared before the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and the Federal Court of Appeals on over one hundred occasions. We can provide experienced, comprehensive representation for both civil and criminal case appeals.

Disability Insurance Claims & Denials

Private insurance and employer offered products.



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